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Raising Your Inner Voice with Jay Foss

Oct 26, 2020

For this episode of Raising Your Inner Voice, Jay discusses owning and "oming" your power in the afternoon of life with Ariela and Dr. Baruch (Rabbi B) HaLevi. The HaLevi's share lots of wisdom from dealing with loss, accepting ourselves and transforming the second half of life.

When you arrive at midlife, or somewhere along the journey into the Afternoon of Life, sooner or later you will arrive at one of Life's T's: Transitions, Tests, Trials, Traumas, or Tragedies.

Life’s T’s, however, are not pitfalls to be avoided, but opportunities to be embraced. Why? Because they provide us pathways into discovering our authentic self, uncovering our true purpose, and realizing a deeper meaning in our lives in ways we rarely experience without them.

OM Your Power is a complimentary, 7 day, multimedia program, in which we will share with you some of our most trusted tools in consciously and effectively transforming the Afternoon of Life into the most meaningful, purposeful, and inspirational time of life.


Some of these tools are ancient, others are modern, but all of them will help you: 

  • Get centered and grounded in whatever you are facing

  • Find calm and clarity in anything you are struggling with

  • Discover deeper meaning and greater purpose 

  • Experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing and wholeness


No matter who you are, where you are in life, or what you are facing, you can learn to OM Your Power!  Find out more info at: