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Raising Your Inner Voice with Jay Foss

Jan 17, 2022

Mike Ceceri has lost 130lbs in 9 months. He joins "Raising Your Inner Voice" to discuss male body image (though in all honesty, this should relate to any of us with bodies), reducing toxicity in his life and making yourself a priority. 

Jan 10, 2022

Kim Gregory from Kim Gregory Pure Pastry joins Jay in this podcast to discuss why pure pastry is pure love. Kim also shares the difference between pursuing purity vs perfection and how to dream bigger then what we currently see. 

Jan 3, 2022

Jay talks with Dr. Dagmar O'Connor (a sex therapist/psychologist...the only one you'd ever want to talk with) about the link between finding better sex and acknowledging your inner child - stemming from your childhood. Find out about Dr. O'Connor and her books which have been translated into 16 languages "How to Make...

Dec 27, 2021

Kenny Lewis from Mixed Emotions Music joins Jay in this episode of "Raising Your Inner Voice" to discuss working with stars in the music industry (how to stay humble). He also shares an intimate detail of dealing with mortality as he faces needing heart valve surgery. For more details, check out a Go Fund Me page set up...

Dec 20, 2021

North Shore 104.9's Aurelia Nelson (check out "Arts on the Air" Sundays at 11am) joins Jay on this podcast to promote the broadcast airing of the Seaside Yuletide concert. They also explore the topic of fondness and how we need to find more of the innocent enjoy MORE these...